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On a mission to help others travel better

Flashback to March 12th, 2020. We were 1 day away from departing on the Euro trip of a life time. First we'd work our way through Norway stopping in Bergen and then try our luck chasing the Northern Lights in Tromso inside the Arctic Circle. From there we had quick stays lined up to check out Copenhagen, Munich, Salzburg and finally Amsterdam. I had been to Europe a few times prior, but these were all new countries and cities for me so I was really pumped to go. I had spent months planning and saving for this trip!


At the time good information on COVID was pretty scarce. That night I turned the television on to watch Trump's emergency press conference on the issue. Wow did that escalate quickly. Not only was international travel to be suspended, but for me that moment really defined the beginning of lockdown. While cancelling my trip would be a sad process, it was a drop in the bucket compared to what we'd all be facing in 2020. I would also learn a valuable lesson on how expensive it can be to cancel travel plans without insurance..



I had left work that day with my laptop as I normally would. The difference was that it would be nearly half a year before I went back to the office as our company went full time work from home. I eventually went back to gather up some random belongings that I left. On my desk as neatly as I had left them I found paper copies of plane tickets, train tickets, a pub crawl reservation in Copenhagen, sea excursions in the Arctic Circle, etc. It was a painful reminder of the trip that never was.

If you're like me you decided to come out of the pandemic induced lockdown better than ever! While my diet may have taken two steps back, I was determined to double down on my travel efforts. I spent chunks of the pandemic learning new skills (like how to build this website myself) with the goal to help people work remotely, live remotely and travel better.


About - My Story

Born and raised in Ohio, travel wasn't a big part of my life growing up. Up until I was 20 I had only traveled by plane once in my life when my middle school sponsored a trip to Washington D.C. My annual family vacation was always the summer road trip down to a beach in Florida. Vacation options for a working class family of seven are somewhat limited!

I first gained an interest in traveling internationally while I was at the University of Cincinnati. I would hear stories from other students who had spent time studying abroad through UC. Honestly, the idea had never really even occurred to me. At the time just attending college was a huge deal for me - but studying abroad? How do you live in another country for weeks or months? I didn't even know how to go about buying a plane ticket! Trains? Subways? Never been on one. Folks, at this point in my life I had never even tried sushi before. If you told me 10 years later I'd be wandering around fresh fish markets in Tokyo living off raw seafood for a weekend (and I pretty much did)  I'd think you were bat shit crazy. That same trip to Japan I even had a couple beers at an animal cafe, a popular fixture in Tokyo. The cat cafes are more popular, but I wanted to try something more adventurous. so snake cafe it was.



While at UC I had done some research and found a really interesting program studying in Chile offered by our International Business program. Unfortunately at the time I was living at home and working full time to fund tuition as best I could. I wasn't able to swing the trip to Chile BUT I was able to save up that year and do a spring break study abroad to the UK. We spent most of the time attending lectures at different London Universities, taking tours of museums, attending business presentations while spending our nights out late. We even had the opportunity to stay at Cambridge University for a couple nights. The campus was beautiful, like something out of a story book and we even had the opportunity to go English punting on the river (you'll have to look it up..)!

I was hooked. I'd end up traveling to ten different countries over the next decade. Certainly a good start, but my hope is that one silver lining from the COVID pandemic is there will be more flexibility in remote working to allow more travel opportunities. I personally know how important traveling can be for people so I put the same effort into producing travel guide content that I do planning for the actual trip. All of the photos and videos I show of destinations are ones that I took while actually visiting. Everything you'll find on this site is the result of lengthy research and my personal experiences around the world. Our mission is to help you work remotely, live remotely and travel better!

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