Escape to Casa Del Mundo Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Updated: Nov 28

If you're heading to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and you haven't heard of Casa Del Mundo it's time to become educated on this picturesque hillside hotel.

Located in Guatemala along Lake Atitlan's northern coast Casa Del Mundo is only accessible by boat.

Don't let the logistical challenge of reaching Casa Del Mundo deter you, because guests who accept the challenge of getting here will be well rewarded!

In this post we'll go over everything you'll want to know before visiting Casa Del Mundo in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. Along the way I'll go over some highlights from my stay and share with you some of the views we were able to enjoy during our stay.

Woman standing on balcony
Casa Del Mundo boasts incredible balconies like these all over the property

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What makes Casa Del Mundo so special?

The fact that you can only access this hotel by boat is the first thing that should jump out to you.

Visitors planning to visit Casa Del Mundo will likely be traveling on from either Antigua or Guatemala City.

From either town you're looking at roughly a three hour shuttle drive to Panajachel which serves as the hub of the Lake Atitlan region.

Panajachel is the most developed area here and is somewhere you'll definitely want to explore.

It's in Panajachel where you can take a water taxi or private boat out to Casa Del Mundo. Once you reach the docks of Panajachel you'll find water taxi workers who can point you to the proper boat.

Just be mindful that some locals will try to sell you a more expensive private boat ride instead. Be sure to confirm the price when you're boarding!

Casa Del Mundo Guatemala
Views of Casa Del Mundo approaching on a water taxi

In general the water taxis run after sunrise until just before sunset. If you need to arrive or depart Casa Del Mundo outside of these times you'll need to arrange for a private boat.

Fortunately the service level at Casa Del Mundo is top notch. For our departure from the hotel we needed to leave earlier than the water taxis would run.

The hotel was able to arrange a boat for us and ground transportation back to Guatemala City to catch our flights home.

Be prepared to climb some steep steps

There's no way to sugar coat it - getting around the grounds at Casa Del Mundo will require a little bit of work. While the cliff side location results in out of this world views, it also means to get around the property you'll be climbing a lot of stairs!

Landscape shot of Casa Del Mundo
When you look closely, you can see just how many levels there are to Casa Del Mundo

Lake Atitlan sits at about 5,125 ft / 1,562 meters which means the air is thin for anyone coming from lower elevations. The elevation can make getting around a little bit more challenging than you'd expect!

Casa Del Mundo is the ultimate destination for peace and quiet

I really can't imagine a better place to get away, relax and unplug from the hustle bustle of modern day life.

Woman lying in a hammock
You can find places to relax like this all over the property

As you wander around the property you'll find an endless number of hammocks and seating areas to relax and enjoy the views of Lake Atitlan.

Casa Del Mundo offers easy Lake Atitlan swimming access

The perimeter of the lake is relatively steep in most areas. And swimming isn't always ideal near the docks of the larger towns.

At Casa Del Mundo the steps lead you directly down to an area where you can swim in the water.

It's generally recommended that you swim early in the morning when the waters are the calmest. As the lake heats and afternoon storms roll into the area the water is usually choppy late in the day.

Nearby the docks at Casa Del Mundo
Casa Del Mundo offers lake swimming access near the area shown here

If you're interested in kayaking you can rent them from the hotel! Just be sure to reserve them in advance so you don't miss out on the best times.

Just remember that late in the day the water can be choppy. Rent them early in the morning if possible.

This is a luxury hotel in a less developed part of the world

Casa Del Mundo is considered a luxury hotel in this area. The amenities here will be much better than what you'll find in other hotels around the lake.

During our stay we spent a few nights in Panajachel at the Dreamboat Hostel before finishing up at Casa Del Mundo. Spending some time in one of the cities before Casa Del Mundo can be a great way to divide your time in this area.

Be sure to reserve the wood fired hot tub

There's even a wood fired balcony hot tub you can enjoy! It's perfect in the evening when things start to cool off.

The hot tub has limited capacity and it can book up in advance. Be sure to ask the hotel about it during your initial booking process so you don't miss out on a reservation!

Casa Del Mundo makes for a great home base to explore Lake Atitlan

Panajachel is the most commonly used home base for exploring the Lake Atitlan region since it is the largest city in this region and offers the most in terms of accommodations, restaurants and other comforts.

Photo of Lake Atitlan Guatemala
A shot looking out towards the lake from a walking path near Casa Del Mundo

However, Casa Del Mundo also serves as a perfectly suitable home base for exploring the lake. Just be mindful that the water taxis generally only operate between dawn and dusk so don't get stuck across the lake without a ride home!

How's the cell phone service around Lake Atitlan?

The cell phone service around Lake Atitlan and other more populous regions of Guatemala isn't bad for phone calls or text messages.

Casa Del Mundo Dock
Views from the dock at Casa Del Mundo

If you're looking to do more data intensive tasks like social media or web browsing, you'll be better off doing so back at the hotel when you can access the Wi-Fi.

When is the best time of year to visit Casa Del Mundo

To be frank there isn't a bad time of year to visit Guatemala given its tropical climate. However I would recommend visiting between November and April to avoid the rainiest months of the year.

Does Casa Del Mundo accept credit card

They prefer cash but will accept credit card payments if you're okay with paying an additional fee.

Walkway at Casa Del Mundo
Everywhere you look at Casa Del Mundo you'll find beautiful vegetation

Plan to pay your bill and room charges with cash, but just know that if you end up needing to pay with card it should be an option. I would recommend confirming with the front desk when you check in.

Is the water safe to drink around Lake Atitlan

As a general rule of thumb don't drink the water out of the tap around Lake Atitlan, or other parts of Guatemala for that matter.

Casa Del Mundo has plenty of safe to drink water available for you to keep in your room and to refill your water bottles with.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful. Be sure to check out Casa Del Mundo's website as well to ensure you have all of the latest up to date information!