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12 Tips for Working & Traveling Abroad

Traveling internationally introduces a whole additional tier of logistics, planning and hoops to jump through. In a modern world work can often be accomplished remotely - use this to your advantage when planning trips to extend your time abroad. 

Not sure where to start? Use our guide below to ensure you've checked all the necessary boxes and to avoid unwanted surprises. Having a good plan will allow you to travel stress free. From healthcare to power outlet adapters, international travel preparation can seem like a lot of work but it doesn't have to be so daunting. All you need is the right guide!


Healthcare Availability

The longer you're planning to stay abroad the more seriously you need to research nearby healthcare options. Your existing health insurance may not cover you abroad. How will you keep prescriptions filled or pre existing conditions in check? The CDC offers a comprehensive guide here.


Length of Stay

Typically booking a trip involves purchasing a round trip plane ticket, booking your hotel for the duration of the stay and perhaps doing the same for a rental car. Get creative. Move around. Consider staying in different parts of the same city.



I know. I hate paying for insurance too. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. Travel credit cards offer some limited protections - but they usually aren't a comprehensive solution. It would've come in very handy for the two week trip to Europe I had to cancel last second due to the COVID pandemic! Lesson learned.



Depending on where you're traveling the etiquette on using cash or credit cards can vary widely. Know ahead of time. Having a credit card without international fees as well as a little bit of the local currency on hand when you arrive are both musts.


Internet Quality & Access

Planning to work abroad for an extended period of time? Be sure to reach out to your Hotel or Host ahead of time to ensure their internet will meet your remote working needs.



This will heavily influence what you need to pack in terms of clothing. Consider renting heavy winter gear where you're visiting if the climate calls for it. Be mindful activities ranging from hiking to whale watching can have very limited windows - be sure to research in advance.



Questions to ask yourself: Do I need an international drivers license? Am I renting a car and do I need extra insurance? Is there a subway or easy to use bus system where I am going? Look into intercity bus routes. Apps like BlaBlaCar offer intercity car pool style rides. Flights within Europe are usually very cheap so don't overlook them! Be sure to have local currency for any cabs leaving the airport when you arrive.

Power Adapter

Electrical Converters & Adapters

You can find a list of adapter and converter requirements here. Be sure to purchase the necessary equipment before traveling. If you'll be working remotely be sure to pack ethernet cables or other gear that will make setting up shop easier.

Visa Document

Visa Requirements

Do you need a visa? How long can you stay? Do prior visits to the region impact your stay eligibility? These are all things to consider and they will vary by country and length of stay.



Try to learn a little bit of the local language ahead of your visit. People really appreciate when you make an effort to learn and speak their native tongue. It will make your stay more immersive and can come in handy in a pinch. Free apps like Duolingo are a great place to start.


Logistics & Luggage

Planes, trains and automobiles. Hopping around Europe? Pack with discipline. Trying to lug two pieces of check luggage and an overpacked book bag around trains, airports and down subway station stairs is brutal. Spare your sanity and your back. 


Double Check Your Amenities

Planning a lengthy stay? Booking longer stays on apps such as AirBnB is a great way to save money. But be sure to spend extra time reading reviews and reaching out to your host to confirm any lingering questions. Think ahead about how time zone changes will affect when you need to work versus when you can play!